Hand-made Romanesque limestone flooring

Hand-made floors

Recreation of the widely used limestone paving in Spanish Romanesque architecture, with large slabs cut and worked by hand to achieve the desired patina and wear appearance. This flooring is available in any format, being the most beautiful in large sizes like 40 × 60, 80 × 50 and even 100 × 80cm. Another format of great beauty is the Bewildered Roman also known as “Opus Desconcertum”, combining parts of different sizes thus forming a puzzle.

Available finish

pátina: More suitable for indoor use. Pieces are worn down manually until a natural patina finish is achieved without artificial shine.

Carved: Highly recommended for outdoor patios, porches and similar areas. This finish has a chopped and worn surface, completely hand-crafted, so that an aged and completely natural look of great beauty is achieved.

Hammered: Suitable for both outdoor patios, porches and special interiors. This finish presents a chipped, gently worn surface performed entirely by hand.

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