Hand-made “Zaguán” stone flooring

Hand-made floors

Paving made from sandy limestone with extreme hardness. Its elegant light grey and sand-coloured shades, are very suitable to create a relaxing atmosphere.
This flooring is available in any format. The most beautiful:

60 × 40 cm
50 × 80 cm
60 x free length
Bewildered Roman or “Opus Desconcertum

Available finish

Patina: More suitable for indoor use. Parts are worn manually until a natural patina finish is achieved without artificial shine.

Carved: Highly recommended for outdoor patios, porches and similar areas. This finish has a chopped and worn surface, completely hand-crafted, so that an aged and completely natural look of great beauty is achieved.

Hammered: Suitable for both outdoor patios, porches and special interiors. This finish presents a chipped, gently worn surface performed entirely by hand.

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