About us

Crafted by hand, using traditional know-how, unique flooring and other construction elements. Natural materials like stone, wood and clay.

Careful selection of old pavings and other architectural elements recovered according to their beauty.

In addition, we provide all the requirements for a more sincere way of building, far away from industrial and synthetic processes: Traditional stucco and plaster based on lime and natural pigments. Old wood recovered for floors and ceilings. Antique moorish tiles, old doors and gates, recovered decorative elements such as fireplaces, corbels, etc.

We also offer planning and advisory services in restoring old buildings as well as the installation and maintenance of these materials for a traditional architecture.

In summary, we provide natural, authentic and eternal elements. A form of construction with walls, floors and ceilings that breathe freely in harmony with the environment and free from plastics and chemical pollutants.

Our team will help you achieve this spirit in your creations.